I grew up on a ranch, grew up rodeoing and I’ve been around trainers my whole life and I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve met a better horseman out there. What makes Zeph stand apart is that he is a professional cowboy – when you take a horse to him you know it’s going to get a lot of outside riding, roping, doctoring cattle – and it makes the horse more well-rounded. He trains both the body and the mind of the horse.
I’ve been a cop for 38 years and it didn’t take me long at all to know that I could totally trust him. You don’t always see that in the equine industry and I’m thoroughly impressed with Zeph. He’s a total professional in every sense of the word.
— Ron Jones, client


Zeph is an outstanding professional and has a way of bringing out the best in horses. He’s totally honest, which you unfortunately don’t always see in the industry. Not only did Zeph succeed in finding us a horse that was an incredible fit for our daughter, but he went out of his way to be at shows and help follow through to make certain it was a good match. She went on to place at the National High School Rodeo Finals! Zeph and his family are people of God and you can see their faith come to life in the way they treat their animals and the way they treat people.
— Samantha Beck, client
We met Zeph at an NRCHA show in Pueblo, CO and realized very quickly that we came from similar backgrounds in terms of what matters in life: family, God and horses. Zeph is a perfectionist when it comes to training horses, hardworking and honest. He speaks directly and truthfully, is always looking out for his clients’ best interests. Zeph is a true horseman as well, not just a trainer. He obviously wants the horse to compete at the top level, but will not sacrifice the health of that horse to get there. We would highly recommend Zeph Schulz as a reining cow horse trainer, he is not only our trainer but a true friend as well.
— Mark and Nan Channer, clients
Zeph is really competitive. He took a cutting horse who was a year behind and trained him to compete at the big shows and make the finals in the reined cow horse competition. He is a very knowledgeable trainer who knows what it takes to get a horse to compete. Zeph’s honesty and patience set him apart which is why we’ve taken several horses to him over the years.
— Ron and Kathy Horrocks, clients


What sets Zeph apart is his experience and his customer service. He really cares about making sure a horse and rider are a good fit. I was able to watch him show my horse, then I had the opportunity to ride her and work cattle to make sure she would be a good fit for me. He followed up with me to check on how I am liking my new horse, how the mare was doing, and what my future plans are. If I had to rate Zeph on 0-5 scale, with 5 being the highest, I would rate him as a 5. I was satisfied with my purchase, and look forward to doing business with him in the future.
— Crystal White, PAS Animal Nutrition/Feed Consultant; client
Zeph is a talented trainer who takes the time and has the patience and experience to get the most out of your horse. He is an open caliber trainer who can compete at any level but he is also a great coach and teacher for amateurs and non-pros. I appreciate his integrity and work ethic. When Zeph says he’ll do something, you can count on it. He has ridden a lot of horses for me over the years and we have experienced a lot of success. The horse business is fun when you work with people you enjoy and I consider Zeph to not only be a terrific trainer but a good friend.
— Dana Russell, client
Zeph has a gift for matching the horse with the rider. He’s very caring and it’s clear how much it means to him to see a horse and rider paired for partnership and success as a team. From the moment I met him, there was a level of comfort and trust. I’ve always felt Zeph is very ethical, trustworthy and I have a lot of confidence in his ability.
— Gigi Jones, client
Zeph is an excellent horseman, he’s honest and he tries to do what’s right. He was there when I needed help selling a horse and purchasing a colt. Throughout the process, it was clear that Zeph works very hard to match the right horse with the right person. Unfortunately, in the horse world, people can be taken advantage of but in working with Zeph, it was refreshing to know that someone has your best interest in mind through the sales and marketing process.
— Debbie Burris, client


Zeph is a highly qualified NRCHA AA judge who is very consistent and provides an honest critique to any participant who desires that feedback. He has also put on two clinics for us and done an excellent job. The bottom line is: Zeph dang sure knows what he’s talking about yet his ego is very much under control and he does not let it get in the way of his relationships. I wish I could say that about all clinicians, trainers and judges, but Zeph stands apart. He’s got that spark and personality about him that is engaging, he’s great to be around, very positive and professional. I highly recommend him.
— David Clark/President, Cowboy State Stock Horse Association